Hosting Solutions

The Gateway suite of hosting solutions. Ranging from shared co-location space, to managed virtual servers as well as dedicated managed vaulted environments. With multiple, robust, content-rich, world class data centres not only in Tanzania but globally, clients are able to choose geographically suitable locations for their primary, as well as DR environments.

Virtual Hosting

  • Virtualised Hosting – Offers a multitude of benefits. The most important being cost savings, rapid deployment, high availability and increased flexibility of your server environment.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated Hosting – Solutions range from shared space, dedicated quarter, half and full racks, to vaulted data centre footprints. Racks can be populated with client owned servers, or servers leased from IS. These services are available in Tanzania, Kenya and the rest of the world.

Hosting Services

  • Over and above basic hosting services Gateway has a number of managed services that integrate into your hosting environment, such as:
    • Managed Backups
    • Hardware Monitoring
    • Managed SAN Storage
    • Website Statistics
    • SQL Environments
    • Streaming
    • International Hosting