The breadth of skills within Gateway Security Solutions team enables the end-to-end delivery of a comprehensive range of customisable security solutions. With the correct combination, these solutions are designed to offer clients peace.

The risks in Enterprise security are very high. A breach in security could expose your business to financial and reputational damage. Enterprise security is something which an organisation cannot afford to get wrong. Therefore Gateway proactively prepares our clients to be ready if and when such security instances could be breached. Organisations are required to educate their staff through training and prepare sufficient recovery procedures in case of an attack.

Gateway offers extensive information security services. We raise awareness of threats to the business through educating users and secondly ensuring business continuity through identifying risks and vulnerabilities before damages can be done. The results of preparing organisations to be proactive is that it saves organisations from revenue loss and maintains business credibility to customers.

The services we offer comprise of:

  1. Infrastructure Security
  2. Secure Mobile Access
  3. Data Leakage prevention
  4. Security Information & Events management services
  5. Governance, risk and compliance
  6. Security training specific to those services

 Gateway Security Solutions

  • Outsourced Firewall – A robust, fully managed firewall environment with client specific rules.
  • Intrusion Prevention Solution (IPS) – IPS offers an intelligent 2nd Tier of network security, blocking DOS attacks, Malware, and other high level attacks that may bypass the firewall.
  • Web Filter – Blocks end users from browsing non-productive websites, which in turn saves bandwidth and increases productivity.
  • Anti-Virus – This solution is designed to be a gateway virus detection system, monitoring incoming internet traffic onto your network.
  • Secure Connect – The mobile work force has become an everyday consideration, and there will always be a need for them to access the network remotely. Secure Connect offers a secure SSL tunnel into your network, and also allows you to specify what end users can access on the network.
  • Vulnerability Scan – To ensure your network is secure an external vulnerability scan can be done. This will probe your internet facing public IP’s, impersonating an attempted hack on your network. Any potential weaknesses can then be rectified.